Chantelle Vischer. White Female doing OT with  a black  toddler girl
Chantelle Vischer. White female doing OT with white baby


Brave Development is an Occupational Therapy Practice. We specialise in the assessment and treatment of children (ages 0 to 15) facing any type of sensory, physical, mental, emotional, behavioural or learning hinderances in their everyday life, preventing them from functioning to their fullest capacities.


The heart behind Brave Development., Chantelle Vischer describes herself as being passionate about people, especially the little ones. She believes that each individual has a degree of potential that has yet to be unlocked within them, which she is eager to help reveal. She has also recently embarked on a journey into the field of maternal health and wellness.

Chantelle Vischer White female smiling
Chantelle Vischer, white female with her two boys.


Brave Mama aims to offer more holistic care and adequate support to ALL mothers in today’s day and age. We live in a world in which the overall well-being of mothers, old and new, are being heavily neglected leading to burn-out and / or other psychological, emotional or physical fallouts. Our goal is to combat this as best as we can.


Here at Brave Development we have a heart to serve our community by offering 8 hours a week towards community development.

Chantelle Vischer, doing OT with a black toddler girl