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Brave Development is an Occupational Therapy Practice. We specialise in the assessment and treatment of children (ages 0 to 15) facing any type of sensory, physical, mental, emotional, behavioural or learning hinderances in their everyday life, preventing them from functioning to their fullest capacities. Our aim is to encourage, empower and equip them to live their best lives, despite the obstacles they may be facing. We pride ourselves in partnering with parents to best serve their children.

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In-depth Assessments

We make use of a number of standardised and unstandardised assessment tools in order to determine the level of functioning of each individual child.

The results are captured in a detailed report along with a list of recommendations.

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Treatment sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each unique child.

We offer individual or group treatment sessions.

Treatment includes on-going guidance and consultation with parents as well as at- home activity ideas to ensure carry-over of skills learned in therapy.

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Developmental Screenings

We make use of standardized milestone screening tools to ensure that your infant, toddler, or child is meeting their milestones at the desired age norms.

Development screenings offer new parents’ peace of mind or a point of referral should any fallouts be observed. Guidance and recommendations are also offered.

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Parent-coaching sessions offer guidance and support to parents, old and new.

Such sessions are aimed to shift the focus somewhat away from the child and onto the individual needs of the parents in order to ensure that they too are encouraged, empowered and equipped to care for the individual needs of their unique families without experiencing burn- out.

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For the parents who are unable to commit to bringing their children for consistent in-practice treatment sessions, we do also offer individualised home programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each child.

Home programs consist of a list of therapy activities to be carried out at home.

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Brave Talk Workshops

We offer bi-monthly workshops to parents, teachers and / or other pediatric professionals.

Workshop topics are occupational therapy related, they can vary and can be customized according to the target audience.

Workshops can be offered online or at any desired venue.

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Diagnosis we work with

- Sensory processing problems

-  Learning difficulties

-  Developmental delays

-  Physical disabilities

-  Mental disabilities

-  Emotional Disturbances

-  Psychiatric fallouts /

mental illness

-  Behavioral fallouts

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