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Balance… Is that even real?

Updated: Aug 21, 2020


Let me introduce myself so you don’t read some random blog.

I am Rebeca, I am Brazilian, married to a South African (Kevin), we have two cute kids, Ben (almost 5 going on 21) and Zoe (she 3, but is definitely a threenager).

I am involved in two businesses, one called Vintage Coffee and the other UNTAMED Creative Society, which, let me tell you a secret… Is my favourite one. Kelsey (my bestie and business partner) and I started it a year ago to unleash our creative juices by helping people and companies discover or remember their why’s and then through that, help them with Creative Digital Marketing.

Nice to meet you… We can now be friends…

Anyway, how many times have you heard about trying to keep the balance between home life, work, kids, fun? Yet every time we try to balance, we somehow end up unbalancing the other side? Yeah, been there, oh wait… I am there.

Lockdown brought many surprises and one of them was definitely the unbalanced life… Our home became a school, office, playground, camping site, snow cabin, Tik Tok stage, gym, name it - it happened. It was fun at first, convenient, no traffic, no eating out but quickly got old and balancing so many roles became the new goal in life, at least mine…

How can I be fully present with my kids as well as in my business meetings? What about my marriage? Is balancing even real?

Once I heard a guy say that balancing isn’t a big adjustment, but tiny little adjustments, and that’s so true. Sometimes we seek balance yet we move completely to the opposite side instead of slowly finding the right “position”.

My response to guilt is often overcompensation, and one thing I have learnt in English is that most words that starts with the preposition OVER isn’t balanced - overeating - overprotected - overexagerate … you get the point.

Have I found the 3 key ways to reach balance…??

Hell no, but I have found some tools.

  1. Find grace, it’s there, it’s available, it’s freely given. If you don’t believe it, I can’t convince you, and I don’t want to, but be curious about it, it’s worth it!

  2. Be present… Difficult one - as everything demands attention, but even if it’s 5 minutes at the time, be present with your husband, kids, friends, work.

  3. Rest… I don’t know about you… but switching off in this season has been harder than ever… I find it difficult to stop - but as a family, we have tried to implement a old school practice called Sabbath, no I am not Jewish, I am just human in need to find rest and rest find me.

  4. Give yourself a space to allow for small adjustments… it might take a little longer, a few tweaks here and there but you WILL get there… then again, and again.

  5. Have fun while figuring it out! Fun is also free, our family is broke so we have to maximise with free things.. haha

My hope is that in this, you might somehow find something helpful OR maybe you’ll just feel a little more human and less alone. Wherever you find yourself today - you are there on purpose!


Rebeca Clark


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