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Never doubt your Influence

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Have you ever found yourself feeling completely and utterly misunderstood? Has it ever felt like you’re screaming to the world THIS IS ME, but no one actually hears you? Were you the child sent to the naughty corner ALL THE TIME. Forced to sit still even though every fibre of your being tells you otherwise? The day dreamer? The ‘slow’ kid? The weird kid? The disabled kid? The wild child? The dumb kid? The cry baby? The bully? The wimp? The kid with no hope for a future? The list goes on.

Maybe some of you can relate and others not so much. Nonetheless, the harsh reality is that so many of our children get given these labels on a daily basis, to the point that they allow the labels to define them. I’m sure if you’ve read any of my previous posts you’d know by now that I am quite a zealous person. Every topic that I post about is driven by an immense passion, but this topic… This topic just breaks my heart. Can I be forward enough to put it this way: EVERY CHILD has been uniquely and wonderfully made, sometimes it just takes a shift in approach to call the best out of them, despite the difficulties they may be facing. Sometimes it just takes ONE PERSON to see them for who they truly are, and so, enable them to step into a more hopeful future. That person could be you?

I suppose what I’m trying to do, is to create some awareness. We as adults can make or break the children we come across and I think it’s time that we start becoming a little more sensitive to the weight that our influence carries. I understand that we might not always feel equipped to handle every situation, but I’m here to remind you that there is a multitude of people out there willing to walk the journey out with you. If you notice a child that stands out from the crowd, whether it be due to physical, mental, emotional, behavioural or scholastic fallouts don’t shove them to the side but rather pull them to the front, refer them to your local doctor, psychologist, therapist etc. There are systems put in place to help, not only those children become the best versions of themselves, but also to equip you in dealing with each child in a unique way.

Never doubt your influence. We are responsible for our future generations, let’s not take that task lightly.

Till we meet again,

Never doubt your Influence



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