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Self Care - Don't Care!


When was the last time that you took some time to love and take care of yourself?

You see, we live in a world where everything is seen as urgent. Where time is borrowed and precious so we need to utilise it by getting things done, instead of basking in moments.

Some time ago I found myself burnt out, tired, withdrawn, detached and somewhat defeated. I had to juggle so many balls that I ended up feeling like I had dropped all of them at once. I felt like a failure. My cup was empty. I honestly felt like I had nothing more to give. I then read this awesome quote, not sure who said it but it says:

“Note to self: The world needs you to show up today. You are powerful, you are valuable and what you believe changes the world.”

I quickly realised that I was not able to serve others from an empty cup, so I needed to put some rhythms in place, to start filling my own cup first, before I could serve others (i.e. my family, my friends, the clients that I see etc.).

Considering the possible audience of this blog, which I’m guessing would be; parents, teachers, healthcare professionals, care-givers and the list goes on. I sensed that this was an URGENT topic to address: The importance of self-care and self-love. It’s a topic that I am incredibly passionate about. Burnout is REAL and it can be all consuming, so I truly feel that it is our duty to not only remind one another to stay mindful and present, but to actually support and take care of one another.

I love to use this analogy when it comes to self-care. A cactus plant was designed to withstand even the most dire circumstances, however, it still needs small amounts of water to survive. Some of us need to spread ourselves thin, and that’s understandable, just remember to take intentional time to invest in yourself, to fill your cup, water your cactus plant. This might look differently to each of us as individuals, but here are some of the rhythms that I’ve put in place, small changes that have made the biggest difference in my life:

STOP MULTITASKING!! – Do one thing at a time for e.g. when you drink a cup of coffee or tea, do just that, don’t check your emails or Instagram. Just drink. Research has shown that you are more productive and efficient this way. So it’s not only good for your soul, but you get more done in less time too.

Create a ‘sacred’ space for yourself – For me, it’s our bed. NO CELLPHONES in the bed. We’ve moved our charging stations to a dresser away from the bed and it’s been like a great sigh of relief. Our mornings have become super sweet. Where both my husband and I used to check emails, social media, news 24 etc. first thing in the morning, now, my husband and son first go downstairs to make us coffee in the morning and when they come back up, all 6 of us (yes that includes our 3 dogs), stay in bed while we drink our coffee. Troy, my 11 month old son, has fat chats (babbles), we laugh, we connect and I start my day full.

Find a community – Intentionally place people in your life that love you as you are, but also call you out on your nonsense when it’s needed. People who speak life and love over you, always. Surround yourself by your biggest supporters.

Ask for help – You don’t have to do it all on your own. We regularly make use of our family and friends to baby sit Troy. They love it, Troy loves it and we as a couple get to do some things to invest in ourselves.

We don’t have it all ‘down’ yet, some days we forget… We’re all human right? Which brings me to self-love. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: STOP BEING SO HARD ON YOURSELF!

You are awesome and if you ever doubt that, read and re-read the quote above. It’s applicable to you too.

Lastly, if you are struggling with burnout or if you can relate to what I’ve written about today, please contact me or tell someone you trust.

Part of being brave means being real. Let’s start a new trend, a trend where we love every part of ourselves and our journey.

Much love.

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