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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

This one goes out to YOU: stay-at-home-parent!

So, today's post is going to be a soppy appreciation post #sorrynotsorry. As you might have read in some of my previous posts, the goal here is not just to give information, although I do love doing so. The goal here is to be completely transparent. To tell stories, not just my own, but to provide a space where we can learn from one another’s experiences; and hopefully to reveal to you that we are all human and that it’s ok to admit that every now and again.

So without further ado, today’s post goes out to the stay-at-home-parents, more so, it goes out to my stay-at-home-mom. A mom who’s sacrificed her own career ambitions to pursue a calling for motherhood. A mother who’s raised 3 daughters, secure in their identity, despite living in a world trying to tell them otherwise. A mother who is now a wonderful ‘ouma’ to my little boy, re-creating that same safe space for an entirely new generation and in doing so, freeing me up to do just this – Be crazy enough to start my own Occupational Therapy practice, whilst resting assured that my little guy is being invested in with the same love, care, values and principles that I was. It’s pretty special and I count myself blessed.

Now, in doing what I do, I often cross paths with a whole bunch of different parents, from completely different walks of life. The stay-at-home-parent, the working-parent, the single-parent, the guardian-parent, the adopted-parent, the list is endless. Each family unique in every way, with their own set of life lessons to teach us, but also each one with their own list of insecurities and feelings of guilt within the roles that they play.

[Side note: even though today’s post goes out to the stay-at-home-parents, I do recognise that each one is their own and that we all have our struggles. Let’s hope that we ALL start embracing, owning and valuing our roles, whatever that might look like.]

What inspired todays post was a simple observation made. I’ve noticed how so many stay-at-home-parents, when asked the question, “what do you do for a living”, tend to kind of break eye-contact and softly utter the words, “Oh, I don’t work – I’m just at home with the kids.” What gets me every single time, is that one word just. That one word just, completely devalues the vital role that a stay-at-home-parent plays in aiding and assisting with building our society. Everyone has a role to play right? Just because it looks different doesn’t mean that one is more significant than the other.

Anyway, long story ‘sort-off’ short ;). Today, I want to honour YOU, stay-at-home parent. Your sacrifice is seen, your heart to serve your family is appreciated and your impact is greater than you could ever begin to imagine. Please don’t ever doubt that.

Again, we love and value all the non-stay-at-home-parents too - but we’ll save that soppy appreciation post for another day. Watch this space ;)

Ps. This one goes out to my mom Karin Maartens. Thank you and love you.


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