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'Tis the season

Hi there,

Christmas time is a bitter sweet time of the year for me. Sweet because I get to slow down a bit and spend some more time with my family. Bitter, because I don’t get to see my incredible clients and kiddies for an entire month. I’m definitely going to miss them and you.

This will officially be the last blog post for 2019, as Brave Development will be closing from the 4th of December up until the 13th of January. We believe in stepping away from work in order to get some rest, recuperate and recharge for the year to come but we also believe that it is crucial to step away and remove ourselves from our work environments in order to gain new perspective and dream new and bigger dreams for the future, so watch this space because we’ll be starting January with a BANG!

In light of the holiday time dawning on us, I thought it would be fitting to give some fun, creative and stimulating activity ideas to do during the school holidays, in today’s post. So here goes:

1. ‘Baking’ mud cakes and cookies then using grass, twigs and flowers to decorate it – This will encourage the children to play outside for some vitamin D exposure, engage in messy play which facilitates learning and encourages sensory stimulation; as well as design and create, working on their motor planning and reasoning skills. You can even work on their colour concepts by asking about the different flower and grass colours; as well as shape concepts by baking cookies of different shapes.

2. Paper tearing art – This is a simple activity where instead of colouring in a picture, you rather use different colour papers, tear them up into small pieces and then stick them onto the picture with glue, rather than using crayons or pencils. This activity, again, works on colour concepts; as well as fine motor skills by strengthening the finger and hand muscles (for writing / drawing) and encourages the use of their visual perceptual and motor planning skills.

3. Use household items such as towels, blankets, pillows, chairs, tables and coaches to build a fort or tent (Allow the kids to plan how to they wish to build it) – This encourages motor planning and visual perceptual stimulation on a kinaesthetic level, provides proprioceptive input and is a fun way to engage in constructive play.

4. Collect bottle caps, toothpicks, toilet paper rolls or ice cream sticks and allow the children to build houses, towns, islands, cars etc. by sticking them together and painting them – This is, again, a fun way to work on their motor planning, visual perception, fantasy and basic concept skills.

5. Give you children a large empty box, some paint or food colouring and encourage them to make something, anything they want to (e.g. car, bus, police car, fire truck, fairy car) - This is, again, a fun way to work on their motor planning, visual perception, fantasy and basic concepts skills.

6. Straw painting – Mix some food colouring with water, allow the children to suck some of the coloured water up into a straw and then blow onto a blank piece of paper.

7. Bubble paint – Mix food colouring into bubbles and ask the children to blow the bubbles onto a blank piece of paper. When the bubble pops it will show the different colours.

These are just a few ideas but why don’t we help one another out? Leave a comment below if you have some fun, inexpensive and stimulating activity ideas to do with the kids during the holiday season. I look forward to reading them!

Lots of love,

Chans x


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