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What is Brave Development?

Updated: Aug 13, 2019


My name is Chantelle and as the famous quote from Martin Luther King goes, I have a dream, or actually, I’ve had a dream for nearly 2 years that I have not had the courage to pursue. A step in my journey that would require immense commitment, hard work and sacrifice. A step in my journey that I am finally brave enough to step into. The time has come. I’ve started my own Occupational Therapy Practice, with a greater dream of it evolving into a therapy centre. The heart behind the dream is to be a place where misunderstood or misinterpreted children and adolescents would encounter someone willing to invest in them and bring out the best in them while providing a hope for their future. So birthed the name Brave Development.

Brave, not only because it can be an audacious feat to start your own practice, but more so because it takes a lot of bravery from our children struggling with physical disabilities, mental health problems, developmental delays, learning difficulties, you name it, to actually get up, show up and fight for their future. My hope is that Brave Development would be a place which enables them to do just that. A place where we unlock something new, fresh and greater in our children. A place where they will feel accepted, cared for and advocated for. Brave because as parents it takes an immense amount of valour to stand up, stand firm and stand strong for their children.

I’m excited, nervous but more than anything expectant. I look forward to sharing this journey with you. If you’re not too sure what Occupational Therapy is and what exactly it is that an Occupational Therapist does? Watch this space for more informative posts.


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