My name is Chantelle, the heart behind Brave Development. I’m an Occupational Therapist with a passion for people, especially the little ones. Ever since I could remember I’ve always known that I wanted work with children and as the years have progressed I’ve found myself inspired to work with adolescents too, as I believe in investing in the next generation. It has been quite the journey to get to this point; I formally worked in the physical rehabilitation field, the medico-legal field as well as a Learners with Special Needs School. All roads led me here.

I started Brave development in 2019 with the vision of it being a place where misunderstood or misinterpreted children, adolescents and young adults would encounter someone willing to invest in them and bring out the best in them while providing a hope for their future. We also have a non-income generating department where we offer pro bono services to children, adolescents or young adults struggling financially. 


  • In depth assessments

  • Consultation with all the involved parties (i.e. parents, schools, universities, employers etc.).

  • Individual or group therapy

  • Home visits

  • School visits

  • Caregiver training

  • Home programs

  • Workshops

Diagnosis we

work with

  • Learning difficulties

  • Physical disabilities

  • Developmental delays

  • Mental health or psychological problems

 Ages that we

work with

  • Early childhood intervention – Ages 0 to 3 years

  • General Paediatrics – Ages 4 to 15

  • Adolescents and young adults – Ages 14 to 25

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